OLE error with RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007

Update: If you’re running IE 7 and still having a problem with RSS feeds in Outlook 2007, please try some of the things listed in the comments section and leave some feedback as to how they worked. Thanks. Also, you can submit a comment to Microsoft through this KB article–it’s not the exact problem, but it’s the closest to it that they’ll admit to.

I installed Outlook 2007 along with the rest of Office 2007 yesterday. One of the neat-looking features in there is the ability to add RSS Feeds right into Outlook, which allows you to follow your favorite channels right in the mail client. Sounds good, right?

Well, today I went to sync up my feeds, and I received the following nifty error:

Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0xBDD40155) : 'Outlook cannot download the RSS content from http://neverblog.net/feed/ because of a problem connecting to the server. An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not correctly installed. Run Setup again for the program.'

Googling this error resulted in a bunch of useless information, and one particularly useless Microsoft Office Knowledge Base article which indicates that the problem is a ‘known error’ with Outlook 2007. Microsoft claims the error is “a known limitation with a very small set of RSS Feeds when you have Internet Explorer 6 installed on your machine. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 to continue syncing these feeds.”

Ok, so that’s a really informative answer. Microsoft understands there’s a problem, but they don’t seem to care that much, except to take it as a wonderful opportunity to force more people to upgrade to their terrible new browser (it’s got TABS!!! Yay!!!). I just finished installing IE7, and now I’m getting the following message when I re-open Outlook 2007.

It still doesn’t work with the RSS feeds, though. Windows is telling me I need to reboot, so I’m going to try that. This seems like a DLL registration error or the like, and it’s not the first time Microsoft has had problems integrating things into Outlook. After the reboot, the RSS feeds do work, but at what cost!!!

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you get the OLE error, bite the bullet and install IE7. Or, if you don’t need the RSS functionality, you can just remove that folder.

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  1. George says:

    I am getting the same damn error in Outlook 2007, and I have found your blog entry to be quite informative, yet not too helpful to me because I really do NOT want to install IE7 on my dev machine here. I design websites for a living and I have decided to keep IE6 on here as long as I can since I believe it still has the greatest market share (but still does NOT listen to web-standards as it should). I use Avant Browser as a front-end for IE, but in terms of listening to web-standards, nothing beats Firefox.

    Getting a little off-topic here, but I guess I'll have to put up with these stupid Outlook 2007 OLE errors in the RSS folders, but I'd really prefer to use it to read all of my feeds…oh well, Microsoft bites me in the ass yet again!

  2. Alcibiades says:

    Hah! You will install IE7. You may not do it now, but eventually you will capitulate and accept the inevitable. Bill Gates knows you will accept the inevitable. And with time, you will come to love the inevitable. It's inevitable.

    Speaking of Microsoft and ass-biting, how's Daylight Savings Time treating you? We have 500+ Outlook 2003 users right now with appointments that are off by an hour from March 11-April 1.

  3. ron payne says:

    Problem, I have got ie7 installed and I still cannot reeive rss feeds in 2007, I get the same error report, does anyone get rss feeds in outlook 2007?

  4. Alcibiades says:

    Well, I've looked around, and Microsoft still doesn't seem to be acknowledging that the problem may exist on IE 7 as well. If it hasn't worked for you on IE 7, could you try some things like uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2007, as well as maybe repairing it, then let us know here if it works for you? You might also try uninstalling the Windows Update that's really IE 7 in disguise, then let Microsoft re-install it to see if putting a clean copy of IE 7 back in after Office is installed fixes it.

  5. dondolo says:

    i got vista with ie7 integrated and outlook 2007 installed, it war working fine but it stopped worikig in these days and i don't knw why, if you try to delete the feed and to re-add it again, it will works for the first time, but when outlook comes up again, ole error is still present………

  6. Alcibiades says:

    Okey, to summarize, it happens on both OSs, usually after a while, with no apparent reason, and can be 'reset' once with occasional success. I just did a search on Microsoft's site, and there's nothing for the error up there at all, except the useless 'upgrade to IE7' page. I submitted the info to Microsoft through the form on the KB article (pause for laughter), so we'll see if anything gets done. Maybe if a few other people do the same, they'll start to see a trend in that's article's lack of accuracy rating.

  7. Thomas Carpe says:

    Yup. Same issues here. IE6 plus Outlook 2007 equals feeds that break after working fine for an hour or a day. I will try upgrading to IE7, but I'm a bit annoyed since now that takes me away from the default image for this new laptop from work. I work for a big Microsoft partner, so you'd think that if I am having this issue that somebody might notice or be able to tell me what the skinny is. So far no dice, but I'll come back and repost if I learn anything useful. Bummer too, RSS feed support seemed like one of the best additions to Outlook in a while.

  8. celegorm says:

    same issues here with IE7, Vista and Outlook 2007 final…

    I guess it could coming from a security update for OLE or maybe not.

    I'm going to contact Microsoft.

  9. Swingerman says:

    The problem solved on my pc aftera system restore!

    I don't know if it will work for somebody else, but the rss update problem is no problem anymore after I did a system restore on vista with office 2007. I restored to a date when the problem was allready there but after the restore it just works perfectly.


  10. Swingerman says:


    The RSS sync in Outlook 2007 is still working like a charm after the system restore. I've forgot to tell before, that I did the system restore to solve a different problem. Anyway it still works after two weeks.


  11. Alex Krenvalk says:

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  12. Kim says:

    Well, this is an conundrum. Outlook 2007, IE6 (really I use Firefox now), and XP, and I'm really hesitant about installing IE7 b/c it doesn't seem like a guarantee fix and I don't want the headache.

  13. mutu26 says:

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  14. Crazy J says:

    I get a similar message in outlook. An easy fix is to go into Tools/Account Settings and remove the rss feeds with the button provided.

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