Facebook JavaScript SDK “Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded” error


I’ve been dealing with an issue for a couple of months where the Facebook JavaScript SDK wouldn’t function properly on my local development instance, even though it was working fine in our testing and production environments. I tried all the obvious things–confirmed the correct URLs in the Facebook App settings, made sure I was using …

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On Safari Mobile for iOS 5, event.pageY is the new event.clientY


We have some tooltips running at my work that are used to render sharing buttons when a user clicks or taps on them. When the recent upgrade to iOS came around, the tooltips stopped being rendered properly in iOS 5. After running into a few problems with jQuery Tools and the iPad, I came up …

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Lazy-load a LinkedIn Sharing button after the JavaScript window.load event

Adding social networking sharing buttons to your site has become almost a ubiquitous step in Web development, to the point when some designers have stopped thinking about the performance impact of rendering multiple buttons via JavaScript while a page is still loading. The delay might not be noticeable for, say, 1 or 2 buttons, but …

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Install Siege on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I recently needed to install Siege on my MacBookPro. Here’s what I did: wget ftp://ftp.joedog.org/pub/siege/siege-latest.tar.gz tar -xvf siege-latest.tar.gz cd siege-2.70/ ./configure && make && make install That’s it! Now you should be able to do something like this: siege -c50 http://yourserver.com That will simulate 50 concurrent users hitting that particular URL. After siege runs for …

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